Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ooh baby I like it RAW...

Shimmy Shimmy yaw, Shimmy yam, Shimmy yea
Give me the mic so I can take her away...

Ok, let me stop it there, this isn't a tribute to the late ODB, I'm talking about Magic Lantern's amazing efforts with Canon DSLR's and the breakthrough ability to shoot video in RAW format. It's truly an amazing innovation, and I really give a lot of credit to the guys over at ML for their hours of hard work.
This is a still from one of the tests I have been putting together. If you're not familiar with this whole thing it's pretty simple and ingenious. Basically the camera captures 24 RAW individual pictures every second, and then you convert them in digital negative files and bang, 24fps raw movie files. That's the quick way to describe it. It is a bit tedious, and the files are large, but with some time invested you certainly can get impressive visuals out of the camera.

I have been tinkering with this for a week or so now and I'm not 100% with it, but I'm pretty close and really like the added range and color correction options that RAW offers the user.

You can also shoot in an "anamorphic" type of framing if you prefer. There's a whole host of other options available in camera once the firmware has been installed. I will warn you that it's not for everyone, it will void your warranty, and if you're not careful it can turn your precious camera into a brick. But as with everything here at WishYaHad Films, "we live a high risk, high reward" lifestyle.  I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to put any RAW videos together, but I hope too over the next few weeks so stay tuned. That brings me to my next part of the post.

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

All I ever wanted to do was make films and be creative and now it seems like I may have more than I bargained for. I have recently been editing a feature film for a local director, and was asked to help be a DP for a short film that a guy I work with at the restaurant is making. On top of that I have 2 weddings which need to be edited, a bunch of other corporate projects and miscellaneous videos to film, a  kick starter video, a dirty house, a full time job to get to, and my own short film that needs to be written and hopefully shot. There is certainly not enough hours in my day. But this is the life I want to live and is the result of hard work and belief in myself. I hope these posts inspire any of you who read them to follow your passion because life can be whatever you want it to be if you work hard and go after your dreams. But now I have to go play server, looks like it will be another late night of editing, I wouldn't have it any other way. 



Friday, February 28, 2014

is it summer yet?


 Things are finally settling down around here. We are coming into a little bit of a lull on the video editing. Which is good because we've needed a little break. And when I say little I do mean little, this will probably only last for a week or two. But busy is good! We are lucky to have gotten as much work as we have.

Sometimes we both get a little fed up, this comes from our own laziness and poor time management. Sitting inside day in and day out, staring at a computer, can take its toll on anybody. Add another full time job to that, plus an apartment that's quickly turning into an office, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster. 
So we get annoyed, and we question why we're even doing this, and we argue and get short with each other. But when we stop being bratty and start being rational, we remember why we do this.
A conversation was had a few weeks ago, and we realized that not many people can pick up a camera for the first time, start shooting, and make money from that in their first year. 
I'm not trying to sound conceited or snobby, it's just the truth.
Both of us have a natural talent for this, we love 
shooting and editing. We love creating something special, something that will stand the test of time. 

When things get messy and hard, it is so easy to just write everything off.

"This is a waste of my time!"

"I'll never get anywhere with this, at least not as fast as I'd like too."

"There are so many people out there who are better at this, why do I even try?"

This goes for everything and anything that you do! I know everyone has had these thoughts before about something. The best thing to do in these situations is to sit down and remember how you got here. Remember what you were like when you first started. Look at how much you've grown.

We recently went to Austin in December for Masters in Motion. This was a type of four day conference held by different directors, film makers, etc. They spoke to us and held workshops to help better ourselves and our work. We also met a lot of cool people, people who all started out like we did! Some of them we're at the same level as us, some of them we're traveling all over the world. 

The point is, success doesn't happen in one night. Rome wasn't built in a day. Blah blah blah. It's all the same stuff you've heard before, right?
You know why?

Because it's true.

So persevere, don't give up. And if you're feeling really down on yourself watch this trailer for a movie Peter Jackson made many moons ago.

Gotta start somewhere!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

busy, busy ii

I have no idea how some bloggers maintain a blog. People do giveaways and apartment tours, they have outfit posts every other day. I want to be that person, but it's actually hard.
And by hard I mean, it's hard to NOT be lazy. We all make excuses for everything in our lives sometimes. There's a project we want to get done, but apparently we "have no time!". I say you make time. If you have something you truly want to do, a goal you want to accomplish, you will find the time to get there and get it done. No excuses. 

So I am determined to stay on top of this blog to the best of my ability! Busy or not, a post will get done. We take so many pictures that we want to share, and we shoot so many videos that we want to share. This blog is the perfect platform to do that on. 

These are some pictures that we've taken over the past few months, when I'm not editing I am baking or chasing this crazy cat around. Andrew is always editing or at his other job...or also chasing the crazy cat. -___- We don't always have a lot of down time for ourselves and our home has basically become our office, but we count our blessings, realize this is what we asked for, and know in our hearts that some day soon we are going to reach our goal and our lives are going to get even better.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Row, Row, Row, Your Boat"

"Gently down the stream
Merrily, life is but a Dream" 

"Is it really that hard to Believe"? Asks Morpheus to Neo, in the Matrix, and I ask it to you.

 In a dream if you are aware enough; you can realize that you are dreaming, and change the very nature of the dream to your liking, just by your thoughts. Wanna fly? "Up, Up, and Away"! Wanna see someone? Envision them. Wanna go to your perfect getaway? Getaway! No limits, no exceptions. It's all in your mind, just decide and go to it. Well, couldn't the same be said in our waking lives?
Many people will tell you No! Period!
That Life is out of our control, and that we are on the roller coaster and we can only lean into the curves at most, to lessen the turbulence, but ultimately, you are just a passenger, on a runaway cart until it abruptly stops, and you realize how fast it went by.  

That could be right. Could also be wrong. I don't think that matters, Honestly. I believe that focusing in that narrow manner, as opposed to opening up to the matter on the whole, is what Causes doubt. What causes Division. Hatred. War. Dis-ease. 

I digress. 
My Point is all that extra nonsense is disruptive to the dreamer, and his or her ability to row their boat down the stream. Merrily, is said four times in the nursery rhyme, more than any other word. Seems Important. Then there's the word Row. 3 times that word is said in the rhyme. Seems Important. The theme is navigation. The content is how to Do It. So Life is a dream, and the way to navigate your boat, yourSelf, is to continuously row, row, row...merrily, merrily, merily...and...merrily.

Now, I know it seems Different to take an Old Thirteen, (hmmm) Thirteen word poem, (not double counting the important words) and use it as a basis for how you live your dream, err, I mean life. But again, watch where you focus. What's so strange about Pushing on each and everyday, as Happily, as you can, enjoying the Journey? Now, doesn't that seem a little more practical, when you take a new Perspective?

So, I Tried it. But, "There is no Try, Only Do", says Yoda, or what George Lucas wrote for his all knowing character to say, in one of the most Successful franchises...EVER! But I'm off the point, well beside the point, as I like to emulate how those who Achieved Greatness, think, which is apparently similar to the rhyme we're discussing, which is to just decide and do it so, let me tie this together.

Here's my Instagram picture from 51 weeks ago, so last summer. "Practice makes Perfect" I had a $29.99 Tripod, and a pretty decent, but certainly consumer, camera with it's kit lens. But I was Happy. I wish I had (hehe WishYaHad) some pictures from 51 weeks prior to this image, but that was a bad time in my life, and I prefer to Row Forward Not Backward. All the more Reason I believe what I'm writing. 

I've wanted to do so many things with my life. Animator for Disney, Doctor, Lawyer, Cop, golfer, mechanic, military, physical therapist, manager, computer "you name it" position. Finally, the ones I Truly Wanted: Actor, Writer, Director. I was bit 11 years ago, when my best friends Andrew Thomas and Chris Calletta made a silly movie for a summer "NesFest" party and it's the one thing that has never left my mind, or intrigued my soul more. It's not the fame, it's not the money (directly), it's the achievement, the art, the ability to Create, and Share your Ideas with the world. I wanna show people a Different View, and hope that I can somehow help them better their own life. 

51 weeks ago I was a happy man chasing my dream, with no idea if I'd fail or succeed, with a simple belief that: if I kept a vision in my mind, going in the direction I wanted, with the best attitude I could put out, that it would all work out. I took risks, and didn't listen to what anyone would say if it wasn't positive or constructive. You can't let others try to deter your dream. You have to show them how its done, because people are visual learners, and if you show them how something works, they'll always know.
Rowed Merrily
Rowed Merrily  
Failed Merrily
So I practiced, learned, and moved on forward. Failed some more, and learned more. Film Riot is boss.
Ryan Connolly you're the man. 
What You
Is What You Achieve!
"I can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it" 
     So am I special. No, no more than anyone else. I'm certainly not where I intend to be ultimately, but hey, look at what can be done in a year! I went from a small Walmart Tripod and a base level camera, to a production company of my own, and freelancing for a great guy over at CineMedia Solutions. People enjoy our directing style and the product we provide, and I truly believe it's only a matter of time before we do this full time. Through all the cliches of this post, I hope that you are able to come away with one thing. That yes; I have compared life to a simple nursery rhyme, but that Life is Simple, and if you just have Fun and follow your heart, then like it says, Life Is But A Dream. All you have to do is Wake Up, and Make Your Dream What You Wish Ya Had! It's all within your power. ThankYou.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

the last two shoots we had we're up in PA.
the drive was awesome, 
the views were even better, 
and once again we got to spend all day filming together.
which has been really fun.

now it's time to sit down in front of the computer and edit, edit, edit.
next shoot is on the 24th so we're waiting patiently for that.
i like that we get to travel, it's not like we're going really far,
but we live in a small town so it's good to get out of it sometimes,
even for a day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

busy, busy

we've been doing a lot of filming lately. 

last week we filmed some e-how videos with chef barbie marshall, a contestant on hell's kitchen. we had a lot of fun in her home town of west philly, in the kitchen of milk and honey market. 

and today we filmed a promotional video for a brother and sister team-who help expats adjust to their surroundings in different countries. 

we've been extremely busy. a video shoot can be pretty long, but most of the work is in post. andrew is usually up till 3 or 4 in the morning editing videos, which is his expertise. 

no complaints here though, being able to get up in the morning and shoot all day has been awesome. 
it's what we want to do in the long run, so all of this is great practice. plus we get to meet some really cool people and learn a lot of new stuff everyday. 
these shoots are steps in the right direction, the foundation of our future. 

i don't think we can even call it work. it's being blessed with the opportunity to get up and do what you love the most.

coming home on the bridge this afternoon

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back At It!

So Miami definitely kicked my ass. Lack of sleep and food, combined with whiney kid's germs in the airports took a toll on me. But I was able to get some great photos and video, so it was a successful trip for us.


The downside was we were sick for about 2 weeks. I took the worst of it,    though Alex had to take care of me, which isn't an easy job. 

But as you can see, we have added a new member to our crew, Lola a.k.a Hilda. She's an amazing crumb. We adopted her and she has been so much fun ever since. She loves to play, especially when we are sleeping. 

We also got back to work and put out a new music video for One MiC. 
Check it out here "Summer In The City" Its the best work we have put out of WishYaHad Films to date. Always on the move, more videos to make and pictures to take. Stay tuned to what's next , thanks for following.